Sitting Less Reduces One’s Risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Really?

Sitting less reduces one’s risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes.  Well, is that really much of a shocker? Sure its a bit of a variant from telling someone that they need to exercise 150 minutes per week, but is it really that much?  Have we become so jaded that we need to publish what should be obvious. Like others, I have worked on exercise and eating to cut some excess weight and become healthier. A few years ago, after seeing those around me get up from their desk , I decided to remove the chair and began using a standing desk. It’s an easy thing to do and only takes a few days to become acclimated to it. It’s certainly worth a try…

Or perhaps you can get up and walk around more often;

And then we have the study about woman and less house work where it looks like time sitting at home went from about 8 hours in 1965 to 16.5 hours in 2010. Perhaps remove the couch in front of the TV??

I guess you coud try either one…….. until you can’t stand it anymore..

So there you have it, one more Accountable Activity to improve your health brought to you by…



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