Basis Watch and Fitness Tracker – Water Intrusion Issue with First One

I have been exploring the various fitness and health tracking devices and am quite pleased with my Fitbit Flex that I wrote about before.  This time I decided to order one I had not heard much about, the Basis watch as it also includes a pulse and temperature tracker. I ordered it in black and it came quickly on a Friday. Below is a picture of the white version.

Basis watch

It was easy enough to set up,  charge, create an online account and sync with the Basis mobile app on my iPhone.  I used it throughout the day where it seemed to track steps as well as my Fitbit and I found the heart rate tracker to be interesting. One point of note is that you

must force the watch to sync with the mobile app by pressing the button on the side twice. You can also use two buttons on the face to scroll through time/date and the other two to scroll through steps, pulse, calories.  There are also Habit cards that one can select and unlock over time on the website.  Because I only had the Basis for a few days, see below, I did not get a chance to really work with these. The mobile app has a very limited feature set, especially as compared to the Fitbit; but there appears to be a lot one can analyze on the web.

This is a screenshot of my heart rate and steps for one day:

Basis Heart Rate and Steps Screen Shotot

Basis Heart Rate and Steps Screen Shot

After taking a long walk in the evening, I took a shower and left the watch on, as this is what it says on the website about water…

Basis is water resistant for everyday activities, like showering, washing dishes or walking in the rain. However, Basis is not guaranteed for water sport activities like swimming or diving.

In my instance, after showering, the buttons did not work at all even after drying the device, and I became very frustrated so I went to the website and here is a link to users discussing this very issue on their Forum.  

I then decided to use  their support system to let them know I was having an issue and wanted to send it back, but before I could send a message, I had to log in, which I had already done at the site, but the support system was requesting my log in information again and would not accept my credentials even though I had just used them to successfully log in at the mybasis page.

I did a hard reset as someone recommended in the Forum and went to sleep with the watch apparently working.  Upon awakening the Basis again no longer worked and I did a hard reset a few more times as well and was able to send a support message to them.  I guess my credentials linked or moved over to their support system from

I continued to read down the Forum on the button’s not working issue and what I found most interesting was this response from Kristin at Basis

The Basis band has a feature that prevents the touch buttons from responding while working out or showering because moisture on the surface of the device can mimic button presses. If there were no such feature, the backlight would activate constantly throughout your shower or workout and thus significantly drain your battery.

If the buttons start working again after you dry it off, it sounds like it’s functioning as designed.

So they clearly know that if you get the face wet, the buttons will not work for a while and there is a possibility for water intrusion,  they should at least let you know that when wet the buttons will not work until dried.

I  reset the watch several times the next morning, and noted that it clearly had some water intrusion.  After getting a nice response back from Basis on Monday I am awaiting the replacement and will let you know how it works and if the water intrusion issue is just bad luck or something else.



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3 responses to “Basis Watch and Fitness Tracker – Water Intrusion Issue with First One


    how frustrating! Sorry I missed your call. Love you lots, MOM

  2. Alot of companies have come up with fitness tracker. If you are a fitness freak, Counting the calories has to be easy. This can be possible by using an tracker that can really help you keep an eye on your daily regime. Whether your goal is to lose weight or just improve your health more generally, a fitness tracker could be the answer for you.

    • Thanks for the comment, I continue to use a number of devices and apps for tracking both exercise and counting calories. All do a decent to good job of the exercise tracking, but the meal tracking takes time. I am currently tracking my activities with a Fitbit Flex linked to Bodbot and use Bodbot to track my excercise and meals. While the meal tracking is a bit time consuming, it works.

      I still have the basis watch and was using it when I misplaced my fitbit but have found that it undercounts steps and the heart rate on the one I have loses track when exercising. The new one just released is supposed to have that corrected.

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