Welcome to the Accountable Health Blog and thanks for taking some of your time to visit.  Why did I 5621start this blog? We all know there are problems with both the supply and demand sides of the health and healthcare system and both must be worked on in order to get to the solution we all deserve.  I hope to highlight some of the issues, possible solutions and help move our system in the right direction.

On the Supply Side there are issues with pricing and utilization.  We pay too much and do too much.  While post ACA we have begun to see a greater focus on reducing the utilization of services, the price we pay for those services and efforts to truly reduce costs have not received adequate attention. Healthcare costs continue to rise at rates in excess of general inflation and a greater percentage of those costs is falling on individuals and taxpayers.

On the Demand Side, population health and all that it entails, from keeping the healthy, healthy, to reducing risk, chronic care management, case management and end of life decisions all play a role.  While population health as part of the solution has been well accepted, many providers are struggling to understand and implement these programs.

My career work includes population health, disease management, HMO and hospital operations, software development and analytics. This diverse background has provided me with a unique perspective and knowledge base that can be leveraged as you seek to be successful in the new Value-Based Care world.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and please feel free to comment.  There is much to do and new ideas are welcomed and needed.

Have a thought or question, or looking for a speaker, let me know, I’d love to hear it.


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