Advisor & Editorial Boards

I am honored to serve as an Advisor to or member of the Editorial Board of the following companies and publications:

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Senior Advisor, Standards and Compliance. Judge, Health Value Awards

The Validation Institute advocates for organizations and approaches that deliver better health value and stronger health outcomes at lower cost than conventional health care. We train and certify health care professionals, providers and purchasers to create and identify superior results. By celebrating better value, we aspire to help purchasers drive better health outcomes, with at least a 10% health care savings in Year 1 and 40% savings by year 5.

DeepThink Health


DeepThink Health has developed an innovative precision intelligence platform which captures and structures large clinical and genomic datasets, and then applies their advanced analytics and machine learning to enable precision medicine.

The platform is capable of combining data not only from the “Continuum of Care”, but also the Person, Tissue, Cellular, and Molecular measurement levels available in the current practice of medicine.

Jintel Health has created a large and comprehensive data ecosystem and intelligence refinery to capture data, turn data into intelligence and deliver “intelligence as a service” for enabling precision medicine with an initial focus on cancers.



Founded in 2004, PracticeWise helps those who are in the business of helping others lead better lives. They prioritize and deliver the best available evidence in order to enable behavioral health providers and the systems they work in to be as efficient and effective as possible by helping them to know what to use when based on knowledge and context. PracticeWise provides consulting, training, tools, and resources that help individuals working with children and families to help kids get better faster.  Find more information about how PracticeWise is serving and shaping the future of behavioral health.



EdLogics is an education-based consumer engagement company providing innovative health education and learning management solutions to employers, health plans, healthcare providers, and government entities. Through interactive game-based learning, multimedia educational programs, quizzes, challenges, and rewards for educational achievement, EdLogics is transforming the way consumers learn about health and navigate the healthcare system. The EdLogics Platform™ makes learning fun and engaging, improves health literacy, and empowers consumers to take greater responsibility for managing their health. Visit to learn more

Editorial Board Member


Population Health Management provides comprehensive, authoritative strategies for improving the systems and policies that affect health care quality, access, and outcomes, ultimately improving the health of an entire population. The Journal delivers essential research on a broad range of topics including the impact of social, cultural, economic, and environmental factors on health care systems and practices.  Visit the Population Health Management journal to learn more.


The monthly newsletter for professionals interested in population health. Each issue has 12 pages with detailed feature articles contributed by leading national experts and executives in the field; Thought Leader insights; Industry Briefs; profile of a key individual involved with population health initiatives; plus more. Subscribers receive issues in print and electronic format, and also receive exclusive website access to back issues and supplemental content as well as optional participation in the LinkedIn Population Health News Group facilitating networking and interaction with others in the stakeholder community. Visit to learn more.