Advisor and Editorial Boards

I am honored to serve as an Advisor to or member of the Editorial Board of the following companies and publications:



Care Innovations™ Validation Institute’s mission is to help organizations – from Health Plans to Employers to Vendors – to navigate the ‘Wild West’ of healthcare claims, allowing them to make purchasing decisions based on validated claims.  Validation by the Validation Institute helps companies to stand out above their competition, by providing 3rd party validation of their outcome claims.  Our Certification Course helps HR Managers, insurance brokers and consultants learn to better differentiate between valid and invalid claims, helping employers make better-informed purchasing decisions.  Visit to learn more.



EdLogics is an education-based consumer engagement company providing innovative health education and learning management solutions to employers, health plans, healthcare providers, and government entities. Through interactive game-based learning, multimedia educational programs, quizzes, challenges, and rewards for educational achievement, EdLogics is transforming the way consumers learn about health and navigate the healthcare system. The EdLogics Platform™ makes learning fun and engaging, improves health literacy, and empowers consumers to take greater responsibility for managing their health. Visit to learn more



CareWire is a mobile communication platform that drives healthcare consumer engagement. The company’s text-first approach takes advantage of the immediacy and simplicity of text messaging helping healthcare organizations reach a broad audience – regardless of socioeconomic status or age. By providing tools to staff that enable them to monitor all messaging, observe and react to responses in real time, manage flow and send messages on-demand, the CareWire platform lowers costs, improves adherence and enhances the overall consumer experience. CareWire’s proprietary HIPAA compliant web applications support the secure exchange of protected health information, and in addition to texting, includes hyperlinks in the messages that serve as a gateway to portals, self-service registration or payment sites.  Visit to learn more.


Editorial Board Member




Population Health Management provides comprehensive, authoritative strategies for improving the systems and policies that affect health care quality, access, and outcomes, ultimately improving the health of an entire population. The Journal delivers essential research on a broad range of topics including the impact of social, cultural, economic, and environmental factors on health care systems and practices.  Visit the Population Health Management journal to learn more.




The monthly newsletter for professionals interested in population health. Each issue has 12 pages with detailed feature articles contributed by leading national experts and executives in the field; Thought Leader insights; Industry Briefs; profile of a key individual involved with population health initiatives; plus more. Subscribers receive issues in print and electronic format, and also receive exclusive website access to back issues and supplemental content as well as optional participation in the LinkedIn Population Health News Group facilitating networking and interaction with others in the stakeholder community. Visit to learn more.