PopHealth Minutes

Check out these quick discussions on Population Health Issues as featured on HealthCareNow Radio.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Bias, whats the issue and how can we minimize it.
  2. Will Precision Medicine Supplant Population Health?
  3. The High Risk Reporting Error, or why only counting the change in high risk members is wrong.
  4. Dee Edington’s Natural Flow, the second PopHealth Minute in the discussion on The High Risk Reporting Error.
  5. The Future of Health Insurers. What are the Payviders doing?
  6. Apps and their effectiveness. Are there any studies to show that Health Apps work?
  7. Need a framework for your Population Health program? Here’s an introduction to one from the Population Health Alliance.
  8. What to look for in Assessments in your Population Health Program.
  9. Thinking through a stratification approach for your Population Health Program
  10. Measuring outcomes thinking through Leading and Lagging Indicators.
  11. Behavioral Health and your Population Health Program.
  12. Employee Wellness Programs are they a strategy to save money on your healthcare costs?
  13. Workplace Wellness and Return on Investment, some studies.
  14. While ACOs are all the rage, are Accountable Health Organizations a better approach?
  15. The trend, Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. What are they?
  16. Understanding Process and Outcomes Measures and their relevance to Population Health.
  17. Staffing and Care Management Programs. Why many fail.
  18. Sure we need to focus on Social Determinants of Health, but where do the funds come from?
  19. Why do we need to change to alternative payment models? Its all about Value Creation and Value Extraction.
  20. Understanding various Cultures is an important issue in your Population Health Program.
  21. The Medical Loss Ratio rules in the Affordable Care Act. Oops there was a fundamental flaw.
  22. Population Health, Population Medicine. Whats the difference?
  23. Evidence Based Medicine and discovering the known.
  24. Narrow networks, are they bad? A story about me and my dad.
  25. Natural Disasters and Population Health.
  26. Clinical Variation #2