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Interview at ASAP conference Sao Paulo Brazil, April 2016

While presenting and attending the ASAP 2016 Population Health Forum, I was interviewed about population health. Topics touched upon include value based care and payments, what should Brazil look to do and incentives.  You can watch it here:


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Ray Fabius, MD, a Discussion about Employee Health and a Whole Lot More

Ray FabiusAt the Population Health Alliance Forum last fall, covered by Health Innovation Media, I had the chance to chat with Ray Fabius, MD, CEO and Founder of HealthNext. We discussed a lot of ground including Culture of Health, the impact of creating a culture of health on productivity and company performance, HealthNext and the second Edition of Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness which he co-authored with David Nash, MD.   Ray brings his incredible experience and intellect to this insightful session, have a listen.




Thanks to Gregg Masters the Producer and Co-host of PopHealth Week.

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Last day for Early Bird Registration to the PHA Forum 2014

PHA Forum Logo

Whether you’re a population health provider, an ACO, provider group, health system, employer, health plan, have products or services used to support population health management or an investment firm interested in the space, you need to attend the Population Health Alliance Forum 2014 in Scottsdale Arizona December 10 – 12. At the Forum you’ll get real world information on what’s worked and what hasn’t. You’ll hear from programs and PHM services in Medicare, Medicaid, employer groups and the military.

The Forum is bringing together great speakers like Rain Henderson, CEO, Clinton Health Matters Initiative, Esther Dyson, founder of the Way to Wellville, Brian Klepper, CEO, NBCH, David Nash, MD, Dean of the School of Population Health at Jefferson and Kaveh Safavi, Global Managing Director of Health, Accenture.

Add to that great tracks on Analytics to Action, Excelling in Engagement, Powerful PHM Strategies, and Tech Touch: Strategies in mhealth and Apps.

For Employers looking at wellness and other population health programs we are offering the Workplace Healthcare and Benefits Institute, on December 10, and if you register for this as an employer, you can attend the rest of the conference at no additional cost.

The Forum is an incredible opportunity to learn and Network with leaders in the population health space. In fact today is the last day for early bird registration so now is the time to sign up. You can learn more about the Forum here and register by clicking on the Logo below:

PHA Forum Logo

And have you seen the hotel? Think December…. think Scottsdale, great place, great time of year,

Fairmont Princess, Scottsdale, AZ

Fairmont Princess, Scottsdale, AZ

Hope to see you there.

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Countdown to PHA Forum: The Employer Perspective 10/09 by This Week in Health Innovation

Listen to the Countdown to the PHA Forum episode with Brian Klepper of the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH) who will be Keynoting at the Forum and Chris Selecky, incoming PHA Board Chair.  It was a lively discussion of the value of population health to say the least:


Countdown to PHA Forum: The Employer Perspective 10/09 by This Week in Health Innovation | Health Podcasts.


Learn more about the Forum by clicking the Forum Logo below:

PHA Forum Logo

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Attended a Workplace Wellness Conference … Oy Vay!!! But there is Hope..

I recently attended a workplace wellness conference put on by a Chamber of Commerce.  The conference began with a Keynote by a Medical Director of a major health plan and then had a number of breakout sessions one could attend including:

  • Overcoming Barriers to Building a Wellness Program
  • The Business Case for a Healthy Workforce
  • The Future of Corporate Wellness
  • Best Practice for Corporate Wellness

Overall the Agenda looked very good and the speakers were key people at health plans, wellness vendors and large employers.

I was able to attend the morning keynote session and had to pick two of the breakouts, so I selected The Business Case for a Healthy Workforce and The Future of Corporate Wellness.

The keynote presentation was very well presented, entertaining and a good overview of wellness programs. Unfortunately while they discussed absenteeism and presenteeism as some of the broader values of wellness programs, they also used studies that had been walked back, claimed extremely high ROI’s  (truth be told they said it was in year 2 or 3), associated disease management and other chronic care savings with wellness program savings, made no mention of the RAND study showing a debatable ROI for wellness programs, nor did they mention the new article in the American Journal of Health Promotion entitled:

The Relationship Between Return on Investment and Quality of Study Methodology in Workplace Health Promotion Programs

This article looked at savings as related to study design and found that as the study design became more rigorous, the ROI or medical savings dropped to a net loss in the gold standard of Random Control Trial. To say the least I was a bit surprised.

The panels were even worse.

In the Business Case for a Healthy Workforce, none of the panelists had any data from their programs, nor did they refer to any studies, they just stated that “wellness saves money” and most of the comments were simple ideas like, “get the CEO involved”, “build a culture of health”, “start simple”, and had no discussion on how to do these things or build evidence based programs (a phrase I never heard at the conference).

The last panel I attended was The Future of Corporate Wellness.  A potentially great topic with a tremendous amount of exciting innovation going on: mHealth, Big Data, predictive analytics, machine learning, better behavioral approaches, incentive and plan design, gamification, integration with providers, on site clinics, collaboration, and on and on.

This panel unfortunately was moderated by someone who began by stating that “(he) had no background in healthcare, but fortunately we have a panel of experts.”  Here to the answers from the experts were sweet with no substance.

During this panel presentation I heard Continue reading

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