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Employers, unions look to direct contracting for health system contracts

Brian Klepper and I just published a piece entitled:

Employers, unions look to direct contracting for health system contracts

Some key points:

“Industry denials notwithstanding, reducing healthcare costs is fundamentally against nearly every healthcare organization’s perceived economic interests.”

“Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott, former CEO of Hospital Corporation of America, pointed out at a venture capital conference a few years ago, ‘What business wants to make half this year what they did last year? That’s why the healthcare industry won’t fix the healthcare industry.’ “

So purchasers beware. You can read the article by clicking the link to the story at Employee Benefit News:


And if you’d like to learn ways to lower your healthcare costs, contact Brian or me at Health Value Direct


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What Happens When it Easier to Raise Rates than Manage Care

There was an interesting report by McKinsey and Company about the health insurance exchanges, the dropping out of several large insurers like United Healthgroup and Humana and which plans were being successful.  Together with Brian Klepper, I published a post on The Doctor Weighs In. You can read it here:

What Happens when its Easier to Raise Rates than Manage Care

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The High Cost of Drugs

Brian Klepper, a partner of mine at Health Value Direct just published a piece entitled

Congress’ Drug Addiction

It’s a very good look at the problem we face in the United States. The high/excessive pricing structures are one of the root causes of  our ever-increasing healthcare costs. Short term fixes to our cost crisis are found on the supply side.  As we remove these from the system, we can free up funds , focus on the demand side and truly improve the health of populations.


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