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A Letter from Dr. Shetty and the Costs of Care

Sometimes we here in the United States, me included, when dealing with all the problems we face with our healthcare system need to step back and understand why we are really here. In the end, it is about the patient, the person needing help.

If I had my druthers I would do nothing but work in Medicaid.  After spending almost 20 years providing disease management services to Medicaid programs and running a Medicaid health plan, the joy of helping this population improve their health has always felt like the pinnacle of my work.

While much of what we have done and continue to do is laudable, there are many flaws with our healthcare system, we spend too much, get too little, and are constantly looking for new solutions to the unique problems the system we created, creates. It seems as if we harp on the negative, but is it really negative to harp on the waste, inefficiencies, fraud and abuse, to point out these wrongs in an effort to fix them?

Recently I received a copy of a letter written by Dr. Devi Shetty. He is a world-renowned heart surgeon, but more importantly he is a heart surgeon who says about healthcare:


   “If the solution isn’t affordable, it’s not a solution,”


“For 92 per cent of people living on this planet, heart surgery is a distant dream,”

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My Patient Portal and Meaningful Use – for Whom?

After my last physician office visit, I got invited to sign into the patient portal for the health system that the physician is affiliated with.  This is a very large health system in Jacksonville, FL and many would say its the premier hospital. My primary care physician who I have been seeing for a number of years is part of this system as are the specialists.

The Portal is really the most minimal of implementations, although I believe their EMR is from one of the big guys.  The main page shows:

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