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This Weeks COVID-19 – SpaceX, Vaccines, Hurricane and Incrementalism

Wow, its week 20 of our COVID-19 update, almost 5 months since we started and how things have changed.  We’ve learned an incredible amount and, now know that the key means of transmission may be droplets and aerosols and we’ve seen what happens when we open too fast and or open the wrong places.  Can we get this pandemic under control?

This week we discuss

  • the amazing SpaceX mission which returned Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to Earth; an incredible accomplishment.
  • the proposal by one person to get the Coronavirus vaccine out without conducting phase 3 trials and
  • thinking about Hurricane Isaias and how the pandemic impacts evacuations.

AND…. Nick even gets to “discussion bomb” his favorite topic “incrementalism” into this weeks episode.  So check out our Week 20 COVID-19 update and let me know your thoughts.


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This Weeks COVID-19 Update – Issues with lost lab tests, HIV, Hemophilia and Hep C

This Week Dr. Nick van Terheyden and Fred Goldstein continue with Week 19 of their COVID-19 Update.  In this episode they discuss the case of a person suspected of being infected who had their test lost after an ER visit, what should they do?  Dr. Nick talks about his experiences early in the HIV Epidemic and lessons he learned that we can apply to the COVID-19 Pandemic.



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This Weeks Covid-19 Update – Apollo 11, NASA and Lessons Learned Relative to the COVID Pandemic

This week, on the 51st anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon, Dr. Nick van Terheyden and Fred Goldstein discussed the success, failures, and lessons learned and their relevance to solving the Covid-19 Pandemic.



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A Busy Week with Dr. Nick, including a Webinar with CAI, this Week’s COVID-19 Discussion and More

It’s been a busy week.

Last Friday Dr. Nick and I participated in a webinar for CAI and the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce giving them an update on COVID-19 and discussing issues to consider when going back to work.  We had an excellent discussion and Q&A session.

Then we put up the first module for our Employer education series to create a plan to reopen called Safely Back to Work. You can take the first module free, which takes you through the First Step of creating a plan, introduces you to the concept of a COVID Coordinator and gives you insights into the remaining program. Please take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Then we did  this week’s discussion on COVID-19, in which Dr. Nick talks about the gender differences seen with the disease and Remdesivir a drug that may show some promise in treatment, while  I cover some of the State’s plans to reopen,  including Florida and introduce a few things to think about when you are planning to bring your employees back to work.

Here’s this week’s discussion:


And here’s the webinar we did for CAI and the NC Chamber of Commerce:


Oh and one more thing, Dr. Nick set up a web page for all things COVID-19 here

Stay Safe.



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